Single-component product that dries by ambient humidity, forming a continuous, elastic membrane with excellent mechanical and adhesion properties that make it resistant to weathering, extreme temperatures and chemical agents.

- Easy application and excellent adhesion.
- Adapts to any shape of roof.
- Allows rehabilitation avoiding demolition or overweight.
- Easy location and repair of breaks.
- High resistance to climatic agents, weather and UV rays.
- Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures (- 40ºC and + 80ºC).
- High resistance to abrasion and tension.
- High elasticity >600%.
- Resists permanent contact with water, hydrolysis and microorganisms.
- High chemical resistance.
- Once cured, the membrane allows water vapour diffusion (transpiration).

Before applying the product, check that the substrate is clean and free of oil, grease, silicone, polluting waxes or soil materials. If repairs are required, apply suitable mortars. It can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray gun (Graco GH833 type).

For cleaning always use a suitable solvent. The application rate is 1.5 to 2 Kg/m2, applicable in 1, 2 or 3 coats (obtaining membranes of 1.4 mm). In case of dilution apply only a suitable thinner until the required viscosity is achieved with a maximum proportion of 10%. We recommend mixing the contents of the container with an electric agitator at low revolutions to avoid including air in the product.

For single coat application, use a notched trowel with approx. 3 mm saw blades, deaerator and accelerator. Pot life with accelerator is approx. 30 minutes. Recoat time is 6-24 hours, or about 3-4 hours if our ACTIVATOR P.U. accelerator is used. We recommend not to allow more than 48 hours between coats, in which case a universal primer should be used. We recommend using a primer suitable for the characteristics of the substrate. Allow to dry completely before applying (Approx. 4 hours). Reinforcement should be applied to singular points, substrates with a lot of movement, active cracks, etc. We recommend reinforcement with FUTUR ARMADURA POLIESTERA 50 gr or FUTURAMASTIC ACTIV PU fillers. To increase the resistance to abrasion and to have a walkable system or to increase the resistance to UV rays (avoiding yellowing, chalking or changes in colour) apply pigmented FUTURPROTECT PU varnish. For an anti-slip application add White Corundum to the last coat. Once the container has been opened, we recommend its total consumption. Stable 12 months from the date of manufacture, in its original well closed and undamaged packaging. Store in a cool, dry place at temperatures between +5ºC and +25ºC.

- Very useful in all types of construction companies, quick repair contracts, masonry in general, community maintenance, repair and restoration of building roofs, etc.
For use in:

- Waterproofing and protection of non-accessible roofs, limited to maintenance.
(Terraces, balconies and metal, aluminium or fibre cement roofs).
- Roofs with heavy protection (bridge decks and continuous concrete slabs).
concrete slabs).
- Roofs with glued coatings (bathrooms, kitchens and wet areas, etc.).
- Walkable roofs (Terraces, balconies, etc.).
- Areas with heavy traffic (car parks, stations, stadium stands, shopping centres, etc.).
shopping centres, etc.).
- Retention tanks (water tanks and irrigation channels, etc.).
- Landscaped roofs. Buried walls.
- Protection and encapsulation of asbestos, protecting against the migration of asbestos particles.
Recommended substrates: Concrete, cement, mosaic, fibre cement, tiles,
acrylic and asphalt emulsion renovations, EPDM, wood, rusted metal, galvanised steel, etc.

Colour: White, Grey, Red and Green
Packaging: Metalic of 6 and 25Kg

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