One-component water-based polyurethane-bitumen product, whose exceptional thixotropic properties make it especially suitable for waterproofing buried walls or humid areas. It can be applied in thick layers and has the properties of an elastomer that differentiate it from other thermoplastic materials that may be similar.

• Thixotropic liquid membrane without sagging on vertical surfaces.
• Great elasticity of the membrane allowing it to absorb contractions and expansions.
• Provides continuous membranes without joints or welds.
• Completely Waterproof.
• Prevents cracks.
• Water-based product for easy application and repair.
• Decorative membrane.
• High resistance to weather changes, aggressive environments and temperatures without altering its properties.

Apply with a brush, roller or airless spray in 1 or 2 coats.
Before applying, shake the product well and check that the support is clean, dry, without residual moisture and as solid as possible. In case of loose material or in poor condition, use appropriate mortars for repair.
Mix gently with a low speed electric stirrer (300 rpm). It can be diluted with 5-10% water to adjust viscosity. For the finishing coat, apply directly as it comes in the container, without dilution.
To eliminate cracks and imperfections, use the FUTUR POLYESTER ARMOR primer once applied. Fix the reinforcement with the primer and apply the necessary layers of undiluted product until the performance is complete.
Performance between 1.5-2 Kg/m2 with FUTUR POLYESTER ARMOR.

To clean utensils, use water once the application work is finished. Store in its original container away from frost, direct sun and extreme temperatures. Do not apply at ambient temperatures below 5 ºC or above 35 ºC. Do not apply when there is a risk of rain or wet weather. Apply in places with good air renewal.
In case of insufficient ventilation, use an appropriate protective mask.

Waterproofing, protection of buried walls and treatment of wet areas.
Very useful in all types of construction and masonry companies, applicators, painters, maintenance personnel of large communities, repairs of hotels, residences, social centers, shopping and sports centers, etc.
Compatible with a wide variety of materials: Concrete, fiber cement, cement tiles, wood, rusty metal, galvanized steel, etc.

Color: Black
Containers: 10Kg

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